Friday, October 2, 2009

school... life... i love high school most days.. i love this year i no its gonna be exciting and i will make alot of great memorys....write more later

Monday, August 10, 2009

busy busy buys!!

wow i have been like busy no stop this summer!!! i went to youth conference and then disneyland the next day... my feet where killing i have never walked so much in my life it was crazy!!!! i cant believe how fast times moves when you have a million things on your mind.. i dont want school to start soon.... i just want time to slow down a little bit... but youth conference was a blast i laughed so hard and made friends with three people i normaly dont talk to much.. and i learned that people you dont really think you would ever be friends with can be ... those two days were a blast even thought i had a huge blister and my feet where killing me!!! disneyland with my family was so much fun!!! even thought it was exhausting i had a ton of fun!!! know its time to end this summer and get back to school... unfortunately

Friday, July 17, 2009

girls camp!!!

WoW what a week!!!! haha started out that i really didn't want to be there or go but when i got there i realized that it was going to be a great week i must say that this years girls camp was amazing!!! Even having like 11 or 12 girls there wasnt as dramatic as other years i really enjoyed this year.. i loved painting my face with shanna and megan and elle it was so much fun just to act like i was two and i didnt have to impress anyone! I love the girls that went this year and singing fire burning for hours haha.. i still have that song stuck in my head!! I realized that there really isnt any other place like home.. aka the them "theres no place like home!" Hahaha i have some great memory's like painting sherms nails and singing Christmas song and staying up for hours talking about eyebrows with madeliene. i realized threw this week that the people you least expect to be there will be and they love you even if they don't act like it the whole time or seem like they dont love you! I can honestly say i haven't laughed so much in a long time singing backstreet boys and Brittney spears and spice girls brought back a lot of memory's and was just so much fun! Im so glad i went to camp and straightened friend ships i other wise would have just not cared about!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

summer days....

June went by so fast... yet SO SLOW!!!!!! So much to do in so little time... but yet nothing to do at all... Ive had a Great summer and yet one that sucks... see its confusing!!! I havent done that much but im kinda sorta excited for girls camp... but not at the same time... and i loved going to the temple open house , bear lake, logan and babysitting... I just want to go somewhere warm and swimming get sun burned go camping anything!!!!!! Actually most of all i want to go boating its my favorite thing in the world and i miss going boating with my family and getting sunburned so bad and getting heat stroke or building sand castles and feeling the sand in between my toes. I want to go to the lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ya... I'm kinda a slacker... ha ha Ive been so lazy that i haven't wrote anything for awhile... I'm so excited for girls camp and the fourth of July... get to see my family (WhAt FuN! nOt!!) I cant believe June is already almost over it seems like yesterday that school just got out!! Wow does time fly by!!! I think i spent so many days in Logan that i kinda lost track of time but i love Logan i love spending time with me older sister!!! She is amazing i really love her!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Don't you hate those songs that you can only listen to once without it making you cry! I seriously hate those kinds of songs cause seriously who the heck wants to listen to things that are going to make them cry? maybe its just me but i hate things that make me cry i rather be happy and smile and be uplifted instead of dragged into the dumps !!! I also hate songs that bring back memories! Like the chicken dance song ha ha or Hey there Delilah or I believe i can fly or moment of truth..... Those songs bring back so many memories some better then others. They come from so many different experiences Ive had in my life and even though i may not like them I've learned from all those experiences. I so think its weird that music can have so many different effects on you.. for me so music makes me want to sing and dance and go crazy! and other songs... yeah they make me wanna crawl in a whole and cry! and also there that music that makes you wanna scream along with it because its hurting your ears so bad or fall asleep because its so boring!! See what i mean about music having different effects!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So I'm not going to lie... Every ones complain about summer makes me laugh.. come on seriously summer has so much to look forward to why people have to start complaining one week into it is kind sad!! I know that rain gets people down but come on there is so many fun things to do in the rain.. go dance!! Dancing in the rain is awesome and so is puddle jumping!....(just don't get sick because that would just make yourself even more down!) Also if your friends are out of town find something to do with your siblings you know your siblings can be some of your best friends yes i know... they can be the most frustrating annoying things on planet earth but they can also be really fun to hang out with!!! But come on people... make this summer the most amazing summer you have ever had put a smile on your faces and find something to do! Trust me there will be plenty of time to mope around the house when your sick or have a sun burn that hurts to bad to do anything but lay there and cry cause you feel like your skin is going to melt off !!! ( yes I've had plenty of those!=]) or when your parents get mad at you and tell you that you have to hang out with your younger siblings! ...... There will also be plenty of time to make memories and have tons of fun like going boating or camping or hanging out with your friends so come on people look on the bright side and just start this summer out amazing!!!